Mother & baby Matters is searching for loving caregivers to provide guidance and support to new mothers in VA/MD/DC. Career opportunities at Mother & baby Matters are Independent Contractor positions, with no guaranteed hours per week and no employee benefits. We are currently recruiting for Postpartum Doulas, Family Care Assistants and TenderLoving Caregivers.  To learn more about these position, click on the links below. For more information, you may also enjoy reading A Day in the Life of a Doula.

Educational Opportunities
D.I.N.O.V.A (Doula Institute of Northern Virginia) is the Educational Component of Mother & baby Matters, which specializes in educating and training professional Doulas, as well as providing a means of Certification.



If you would like to be considered for a career opportunity with Mother & baby Matters, Inc., please complete an application and mail or email it to our office:

Mother & baby Matters, Inc.

1818 Library Street, Suite 500
Reston, VA 20190-6207
703-787-4007 phone
703-787-8433 fax