Overnight Help

Our Overnight Newborn Specialist team who are certified Postpartum Doula's provide expertise and focus on newborn care through a variety of package plans. They also provide troubleshooting with breastfeeding issues, and light household duties such as baby laundry. Package plans are offered which can be utilized on a flexible basis with a minimum of 6 hours per overnight to a maximum of 12 hours per overnight period.  Extended overnight services are most beneficial for families with multiples, a newborn experiencing reflux, or a premature infant on a monitor.

Who uses overnight services?

Anyone who has problems with sleep deprivation, or has a history of or is experiencing depression can benefit from overnight services. Overnight services are widely used especially in the case of a multiple birth. Almost all parents of multiples, even those who have family help, usually need some type of overnight assistance from outside sources. Extended care should be anticipated and arranged in advance as early as possible to assure coverage. As you recover, you can begin to wean the overnight coverage and use fewer nights per week. Some of our overnight staff specialize in caring for twins and have developed an expertise in helping to establish feeding and sleeping patterns. First time mothers can relax and enjoy the comfort and reassurance those first couple of nights home after delivery by utilizing our overnight doula services. The use of overnight services during the hospital stay especially following cesarean sections are becoming increasingly popular.