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 Labor Support (Birth Doulas)

Donna Winsor, CLD
Experienced Labor Support Doula
Northern VA, Maryland & DC

I have two grown children and four grandchildren. I joined Mother & baby Matters in November 2004 as a Labor Support Doula and Postpartum Doula because of the available training and education, as well as Gerri Levrini's experience and mentoring. Recently, I have earned a Certificate of Achievement regarding breath awareness, massage & essential oils for laboring moms. 

While I was studying for my doctorate in Sociology, my niece asked me to be with her for the birth of her first child. I had an "epiphany" and decided my calling was to be a "mother's servant" as a Labor Support Doula. I love comforting the mom, allowing the dad to take a break and watching the birth of a new life.

I also love helping new parents and their precious babies as a Postpartum Doula.  (Donna is not currently accepting postpartum cases) I have a lot of patience, compassion and flexibility. My biggest desire is to allow the mom to be the best mom she can be by teaching her what she needs to know, taking care of her and the baby and giving her a break when needed. This is where the term, "mother's servant" really becomes defined as wanting to serve the mother in love.


Postpartum (After the Birth) Doulas

Virginia Baker, RN, CPPD
Certified Postpartum Doula
Days in Northern VA

I have a Bachelors Degree in Nursing and worked for nine years as a nurse. I especially enjoyed my six years as a NICU nurse – caring for preemies, newborns and their families. I chose to become a stay-at-home mom to my six children, all of whom were breastfed. I have experienced natural childbirth and C-section births, and have a set of twin girls. I am comfortable working with preemies, multiples and with breastfeeding moms.

With my own kids growing up and in school, I wanted to use my talents and experience to help others and yet still be “Mom”. I joined Mother & baby Matters in 2012 and I’m looking forward to working with Moms & babies again!

Herma Dupre, CPPD
Certified Postpartum Doula
Days in Maryland & DC

I have been a stay at home mother with my two children since they were born and I breastfed both of my children. I have a special interest in helping mothers who may have experienced infertility or had premature births, since I have personal experience in both these areas. My birth experiences were very positive, although with both pregnancies I had serious complications. Now that my children are in school full time, I would like to give new mothers the positive and encouraging support that is so needed in the first weeks after childbirth.  I have been with Mother & baby Matters since May 2003.

Christine LeGrant, PPD
Postpartum Doula
Days in Northern VA

Seventeen years ago, I had the amazing opportunity of adopting my delightful child (now 18!). With this experience, I believe I have a deeper understanding and can be empathetic to new adoptive parents and/or same-sex parents. In addition, I have 20 years experience in women's health care and home care nursing.  My doula trainer recommended I join Mother & baby Matters when I expressed interest in joining a group practice. I am thrilled to come on board!


Suzanne Carroll, M.Ed, CPPD 
Certified Postpartum Doula
Days in Northern VA

I am returning to Mother & baby Matters after a 2 year assignment working with  Wounded Warriors.  I have a Master's Degree in Health Education and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, and I love helping families learn to care for and to enjoy their newborns. I have logged in more than 1300 hours working with preemies, newborns, & multiples. 
I am married, have two children in their twenties, and have lived in Northern VA for 30 years.  I rejoined Mother & baby Matters because it is work that I love.  Teaching and supporting new parents in their wonderful journey is very gratifying to me, and I absolutely adore babies!


Sara Padrusch, PPD
Postpartum Doula
Days in VA, DC & MD

In addition to being the mother of two wonderful girls aged 16 and 13, I spent nearly a decade serving the Boston area as a La Leche League Leader. I love working with new mothers and their families as they grow. Special areas of interest are overcoming breastfeeding challenges and supporting mothers in their health and wellness postpartum.

I joined La Leche League in 1999 after the birth of my eldest daughter. I became a Leader in 2005 and spent much of that time making home visits to new mothers and leading two monthly meetings. One was devoted to the particular needs of nursing toddlers and the other toward the needs of infants. I have especially enjoyed watching group members successfully breastfeed their first children and then go on to nurse subsequent children as their family expands. I am joining the team at Mother & baby Matters in Spring 2015 and cannot wait to continue to nuture families in the early days and weeks following the births of their infants.

Patrice A. Curtis, B.A., LPN
Postpartum Doula
Overnights in DC, MD & VA

I am the mother of five (ages 23, 21, 14, 13, & 8) all of which were natural births assisted by Midwives at the maternity center in Bethesda. I reside with my husband and five children in Waldorf, MD. I am an advocate of minimal intervention during the birth process, as well as letting moms bond with their babies as soon as possible after birth.

I joined Mother & baby Matters in April 1999 to gain experience in my area of interest while pursuing my nursing degree. I have a BA degree from Rollins college in Winter Park, FL. Nothing has given me greater satisfaction than working with expectant families and assisting them in caring for their newborns. I have worked with many families ranging from single births, to triplets. I enjoy watching new families bonding and assisting with breastfeeding and newborn care.  

Jacquece Moss, CPPD
Certified Postpartum Doula, Overnight Newborn Specialist 
Overnights in Maryland

I have a delightful grown daughter who reminds me that I have been her best joy in life and think that with my years of experience as a mom, I can be of service to other moms. I have a very calm temperament, which is helpful during the stressful times surrounding bringing a new baby home.

I joined Mother & baby Matters in October 2005 but have a lot of experience with newborns, twins and siblings, including serving as an independent doula for many moms.

Dolores Boyle, CPPD
Certified Postpartum Doula, Overnight Newborn Specialist 

Overnights Northern VA, Maryland & DC


I am a very easygoing person, and love working with people.  I am also a mother of two grown children - taking care of children and babies comes naturally to me.  I have many years of experience working with infants and children outside of raising my own as I ran a daycare from my home for 5 years.  I am a certified Medical and Nursing Asst. and have worked in the healthcare field since 1984, including working in E.R. Pediatrics for several years.  I joined Mother & baby Matters to share my expertise in caring for newborns on a bigger scale.  Multiples are my favorite.



Virlean H. Mack, CPPD
Certified Postpartum Doula, Overnight Newborn Specialist 
Overnights in Northern VA, Maryland & DC 

I am a mother of two with more than 30 years of mother-care, and recent experience as a grandmother. I also worked with my own Mom, who operated a successful Daycare Center in Washington DC for more than 10 years. I joined Mother & baby Matters in November 1995 because I was interested in guiding new parents to handle their newborns more productively and assisting women with children to a greater understanding of effective motherhood. Over the fifteen years working with Mother & baby Matters, I have accumulated a wealth of experience, i.e. working with IVF birth parents, adoption parents, single moms, same-sex moms and new moms experiencing postpartum blues, depression & psychosis conditions. I have also worked with preemie newborns, multiples and babies on apnea monitors. Other areas of expertise include sleep management & training , infant massage, supporting the "new mom of the absent or deceased mom" and general postpartum care for vaginal or c-section deliveries. I have attended additional breastfeeding training classes and have done many Doula Lactation Specialist visits.



Royan Miller Morgan, CPPD
Certified Postpartum Doula, Overnight Newborn Specialist
Overnights & Days in Northern VA, Maryland & DC 

I have been an "official" doula since August 1995, predominately working overnights.  Before that I was an "unofficial" doula for ten years. I have been an adoptive parent for 11 years and am a proud aunt!

I am lovingly called the "Doula Fairy". Since overnights have been my focus, I have developed expertise in sleep/wake patterns in newborns.  I work with newborns to stretch their sleep time gradually.  Most of the babies I care for are sleeping at least 5-6 hours straight per night by one month of age.  I joined Mother &baby Matters because I have always wanted to specialize in mother/baby issues.  Moms are really angels.

Sarah Pardoe, CPPD
Certified Postpartum Doula, Overnight Newborn Specialist
Overnights in Northern VA & DC

I am the mother of four children (all born within an eight year period!). Being a mother has been both a fulfilling and changing roller coaster ride!  I am British but I have lived in the DC Metro area for fourteen years.  I have a Certificate of Childcare from the Nursery Nurse Examination Board (in the U.K.) and have worked in schools and in hospital nurseries taking care of newborn babies and helping mothers adjust to their new life.  I also worked as a maternity nurse, overseeing the care of a newborn before the permanent nanny took over, and have volunteered for the American Red Cross for nearly five years as a disaster team captain and case worker (mostly in Southeast DC).

I joined Mother & baby Matters in 2013 because I love working with babies and their mothers!

Shiro Nirmal, PPD

Postpartum Doula
Overnights in Maryland

I have a two year degree in Elementary Education and owned a day care facility in Maryland.  I have two adult daughters and have taken care of lots and lots of newborns and infants, including twins and preemies.

I worked for Mother & baby Matters in the past (from 1996 to 2004) and have decided to come back because I missed the bond that I formed with my clients. I am looking forward to helping new families with their new bundles of joy!



Lactation Consultants

Maureen Lopina, BA, LLLL, IBCLC 
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant  
Northern VA, Maryland & DC

After experiencing the wonder of birthing and breastfeeding my firstborn, I took a great interest in perinatal health, and left the business world to focus on serving growing families.

I was certified as a Bradley Method childbirth educator in 1991, and taught classes in Northern Virginia for 12 years. I have been a La Leche League Leader since 1993, and was board certified as a Lactation Consultant in 2002.  I have trained staff from hospitals in both DC and Virginia in becoming “Baby Friendly,” and I enjoy advocating for breastfeeding on Capitol Hill, at DC City Council hearings, and at maternal-child health conferences.

I am mother to a daughter and two sons, all grown, and all happily breastfed.  It is a joy and an honor for me to support mothers at this crucial time in their lives.  

Nancy Sherwood B.A., LLLL, IBCLC
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
Northern VA & Maryland

I am the mother of five children, including a premature, failure to thrive baby. My children were born in Thailand, Norway, Hong Kong, and two in Fairfax VA!  All of my children, including my preemie, were successfully breastfed, and breastfeeding was an intrinsic part of my early parenting.  I became a La Leche League Leader in 1979 and a Lactation Consultant in 1993.  I was also a member of the Australian Lactation Consultants Association (ALCA) from 1995-1998, when I lived there.

I particularly enjoy helping new mothers and babies overcome early difficulties. Seeing a new mother find comfort and confidence in her ability to care for her baby is my goal.  Since I joined Mother & baby Matters in October 2004, I am able to work directly with mothers and babies and help them bond as a nursing "couple".