Doctor explains: Can breast cancer be prevented and at what age should you get screened?The reason for rise in breast cancer may be attributed to Westernised lifestyle

“It is a fact. Delayed childbirth is an established cause of breast cancer. Childbirth after 30 years increases breast cancer.” Courtesy: The First Post/Prabhash K Dutta Actor Hina Khan’s social media post about her stage-3 breast cancer has left many thinking about the vulnerability of younger women to the disease. Firstpost brings out an expert’s opinion on the most common cancer among women Representational image. Pixabay Popular Indian TV actor Hina Khan was diagnosed with...


In a world inundated with information, the journey of motherhood is often fraught with uncertainties, misinformation, and risks. Recognizing this pressing need for accurate guidance and support, a new initiative has emerged: Mother and Baby Matters Magazine.
The magazine delves into the profound relationship between a mother and her child, emphasizing that this bond begins long before birth. "No other relationship on this earth is as special as a mother and child," the publication asserts. It highlights the pivotal nine months of pregnancy, during which expecting mothers navigate a rollercoaster of emotions, physical changes, and challenges.


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