Orissa High Court Rules Surrogate Mothers Also Have Right To Avail Maternity Leave

The court observed that a leave of 180 days is granted to female government employees on the adoption of a child up to one year of age in line with maternity leave as admissible to natural mothers for proper care of the adopted child. Mothers through surrogacy have the same right to maternity leave as provided to natural mothers. Orissa High Court has recently ruled that female employees who become mothers through surrogacy have the...


In a world inundated with information, the journey of motherhood is often fraught with uncertainties, misinformation, and risks. Recognizing this pressing need for accurate guidance and support, a new initiative has emerged: Mother and Baby Matters Magazine.
The magazine delves into the profound relationship between a mother and her child, emphasizing that this bond begins long before birth. "No other relationship on this earth is as special as a mother and child," the publication asserts. It highlights the pivotal nine months of pregnancy, during which expecting mothers navigate a rollercoaster of emotions, physical changes, and challenges.


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