Recently, Kalki Koechlin I went diving in the coastal regions of Maharashtra. Leaving behind chic locations that many actors choose for their getaways, the actress chose a local experience in Sindhudurg this is close to your heart and your home. Kalki He currently lives in Goa, but often returns to Mumbai for work. The trip was a sweet surprise planned by his friends, celebrating his 40th birthday. She says: “My friends know that I love diving, but since I became a mother I haven’t had time to do it. My partner (Guy Hershberg) and they told me to leave at 6am and get to the destination, where I saw an ox cart waiting for us with diving equipment and that’s when the surprise unfolded.

‘I feel like after you become parents, you don’t have much free time’

The actress was stationed for two days at a farm in Parule, Sindhudurg. The getaway was also a romantic trip for the couple, as they were without their four-year-old daughter Sappho. “It was a holiday without children. My partner and I were happy to have experienced this. I feel like once you become a parent, you don’t have a lot of free time. For the first time, none of us were there with Sappho during the night. Our friend was taking care of her. This holiday was a good reminder for us that you need to make time for your partner and romance in your life even after becoming a parent,” says Kalki.

‘It’s good to know what’s happening locally’

A big fan of dive, Kalki has been to Thailand many times for her diving, but this was the first time she explored the sport in Maharashtra. She shares, “It’s good to know what’s going on around her, locally. I was surprised when I found out that diving takes place in Maharashtra. It felt like untouched territory. There are these stunning little islands that we visit by boat. There are many corals around these uninhabited islands. It’s clean and visibility underwater is very good.”

‘It was nice to be isolated and surrounded by the sky and sea’

The actress loved the rustic experience of a farm stay. “Seeing eight women grating coconuts in the kitchen is something you don’t get to see. No luxury hotel compares to this type and quality of food. It was nice to be isolated and to be in a space where I was surrounded by the sky and the sea. The food was also delicious.”


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