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‘Early marriage, more kids linked to hysterectomies’

Social factors, rather than medical reasons alone, seem to dictate decisions on hysterectomy surgeries for women in India, says a new research analysis. It found hysterectomy was two times more prevalent among women from the richest wealth quintile (17.3%) than among poorer women (7.7%). “Women belonging to other backward castes category, women belonging to the richest wealth quintile and those with a lower age of marriage were at a higher risk of undergoing hysterectomy,” said...


In a world inundated with information, the journey of motherhood is often fraught with uncertainties, misinformation, and risks. Recognizing this pressing need for accurate guidance and support, a new initiative has emerged: Mother and Baby Matters Magazine.
The magazine delves into the profound relationship between a mother and her child, emphasizing that this bond begins long before birth. "No other relationship on this earth is as special as a mother and child," the publication asserts. It highlights the pivotal nine months of pregnancy, during which expecting mothers navigate a rollercoaster of emotions, physical changes, and challenges.


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