Viral Video: Mother Wrapping 5-month-old Premature Baby In A Towel

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A child born before the 37th week of pregnancy is a premature baby. The woman is seen holding a tiny baby in her palm. Then, after placing the baby in a cot, she spreads a towel.

Pregnancy is a very important phase in a woman’s life. But sometimes they go through various complications during this crucial period. Recently, a similar incident went viral. A woman gave birth to a 5-month-old premature baby and is seen wrapping the baby in a towel. Tears are visible in the woman’s eyes. Now, this emotional clip is garnering everyone’s attention.

This video has been shared on Instagram by a user named Emyalentajan (@emyalentajan). In the viral video, a woman is holding something in her hands. It is difficult to understand in the beginning, but everything becomes clear in a short while. The woman is holding a tiny baby in her palm. Then, after placing the baby in a cot, she spreads a towel and is seen wrapping him in it. When she picks up the baby and places him on the towel, the baby’s hands are seen moving.

The child’s face is not visible in the video, but according to the caption, it is a 5-month-old newborn. But this child has not been kept in an incubator, so its authenticity also comes under question.

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